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Skiing and hiking cottage in Brandnertal - Austria
The cottage is perfect for sportspeople, bon vivants and families with children,
the ideal base for various activieties
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Family hiking Hiking and mountain tours Mountainbiking Bikepark
Family hikingHiking and mountain toursMountainbikingBikepark
Variety and adventure Climbing Climbing Park Visit the huskys
Variety and adventureClimbingClimbing ParkVisit the huskies
Kneipping & swimming Nordic walking, running, trailrun Archery Having good time
Kneipping & swimmingNordic walking, running, trailrunArcheryHaving good time

Familiy hiking e. g.:

♥ The 'Natursprüngeweg' - is suitable for buggies. To borrow a 'Bollerwagen' is possibel at the cable car 'Dorfbahn'.
   The 'Natursprüngeweg' provides opportunities for the whole family to discover, experience and wonder about nature.
   Knowledge about water, soil, plants or formation of the alps is imparted to the hikers interesting and with hands-on examples.
   Panoramic views to the surrountig mountain range are fascinating all the way.
   The restaurant 'Frööd', close to the upper station of the 'Panoramabahn', invites with a natural playground
   and a spacious terrace, which invite to linger.
   Along the path on alpine meadows and hillsides many wonderful flowers are nodding their head.

Bollerwagen Sign on Natursprüngeweg barefoot path Parpfienz-Alpe
Information about leaves Information about roots What You ought to know about water in the mountains Larva of stonefly
Viewing platform Restaurant Frööd Playground Frööd Marguerite

♥ Animal experience path - along the road there are: an open stable, an observation station, different games like hide-and-seek,
   playgrounds and resting places.

Animal experience path Animal experience path Animal experience path Animal experience path

♥ Biotope and 'Alpe Rona': This hiking route - getting off just in front of our house - offers insights into a variety
   of symbiotic communities of plants (76 types of orchids) and animals.
   The alpine hut 'Alpe Rona' is also a show dairy.

Toad with st. john's wort Biotop Arnica Wild rose
Alpe Rona Cheese, butter, milk, curd, yoghurt, joghurtdrink, cold plate are offered at 'Alpe Rona' Dairy at Alpe Rona Fresh produced cheese at Alpe Rona

Hiking and mountain tours:

   230 km unified signposted hiking routes lead to sunny alpine huts, beautiful mountain landscapes and
   majestic peaks of the Rätikon Mountains, e. g.:

♥ Hiking at the Lünersee: a very nice walk around the picturesque siuated reservoir, which is seamed by a big variety of
   flowers and plants.

Hiking at Lünersee Lünersee Lünersee Lünersee
Lünersee Lünersee Lünersee Lünersee
Gentian at Lünersee Flowers at Lünersee Flowers at Lünersee Flowers at Lünersee

Starting at Lünersee, mountain hikes and -tours are possible in all directions, e.g.
   a climbing tour along the west ridge up to the 'Zimba' - passing the 'Heinrich-Hueter-Hütte' - can be startet here.

♥ Mondspitze: A summit experience directly starting from and with view to our holiday home

Mondspitze Mondspitze Signpost to Mondspitze

♥ Bürser ravine: - an ice-age natural wonder. 15 information boards explain the geological interesting places.
   You can start this lovingly built circular hiking trail either at the municipal office in Bürs,
   or from the campsite in Bürserberg.
   Weekly on wednesday guided tours take place along this geological nature trail. Registration at the municipal office Bürs.

Bürser ravine Bürser ravine Bürser ravine Bürser ravine
Bürser ravine Bürser ravine Bürser ravine Bürser ravine
Bürser ravine Bürser ravine Bürser ravine Bürser ravine

♥ Schesatobel: The 'Schesatobel' is one of the most extensive slope modelling processes on an alluvial cone
   in the european Eastalps.
   Between 1859 and 1886 two whole mammoth teeth and further suchlike fragments were found there.
   In 1907 and 1997 again two pieces of mammoth teeth were recovered in 'Schesatobel.

Schesatobel Schesatobel Schesatobel Schesatobel

Mountainbiking - getting off just in front of our house: for example:

Loischkopf - a tour for beginners - distance 22,4 km, ascent 950 m

Brandnertal - a tour for advanced bikers - distance 30,8 km, ascent 1250 m

Nenzingerberg - Tschengla - distance 35,0 km, ascent 1300 m

Loischkopf tour Brandnertal tour Nenzingerberg tour Signpost to Nenzing
Mountainbiker Mountainbiker Mountainbiker Mountainbiker family

An interactive mountainbike guide with a detailed description, important informations and facts,
   as well as altitude profiles and pictures, is available at the homepage of Brandnertal-Tourismus.
   The routs are all well signed.

A competition of the Vorarlberger MOUNTAINBIKE HILLCLIMB CUP 2015 was "TSCHENGLA BIKE 2015".

If You have a ticket
for the lift,
the equipment transport
is free!!!
Bicycle on the lift Bicycle on the lift Mountain-kart on the lift

Bikepark - about 250 m away from our house:

♥ Freeride and Northshores: (easy to medium) are equipped with lots of steep turns, jumps, wooden planks etc.,
   and is suitable for beginners and advanced bikers.

♥ Downhill course: (challenging) This parcour is only for advanced bikers and professionals.
   Because of the high jumps, challenging root passages, almost insuperable drop off of cliffs and also steep sections
   this downhill trail has competitiv character.

♥ Mountainkart & Monster scooter: - the funsport experience for all ages!
   Have fun and get riding experience 3 km downhill on a signed road driving a monsterscooter or a mountain-gokart.
♥ Older children (older than 10 years and taller than 140 cm) are allowed, to drive on their own,
   younger ones may sit on their parent's lap.

   Equipment rental only at the valley station of Einhornbahn-II,

If You have a ticket for the lift, the equipment transport is free!!.

Mountainkart Driving a mountainkart Driving a mountainkart 'Monster scooter'
Biker on wooden planks Freerider at 'Tschengla' Freerider on wooden planks Jumps in different heights
Holzelemente Freerider jumping Bikeparkfahrer Jumping at 'Tschengla'
Freerider jumping Northshore jumping Freerider Northshore at 'Tschengla'
Wooden planks Wooden planks Downhill course Downhill course with jump

Variety and adventure.:

♥ Navigation system 'Steinkreise':
   The mystic stone circles are situated on a mysterious place and exert magical attraction on all explorers.
♥ Using compass, navigation tool, map and binoculars a treasure could be found on Tschengla
   (previous registration is necessary).

Signs explain an ancient navigation system 'Steinkreise' at Tschengla Special stones, arranged in a  particular order may display their unique faculties Signs explain the function of menhirs and megalits
Neolithic stone circles Moonset at 'Tschengla' above the stone circles on 21st april Sunset at 'Tschengla' on 21st april above the stone circles 'Steinkreise' at Tschengla

♥ Whole family herb expedition:
   Hiking with 'herb granny Evi Wachter'on Bürserberg, she tells You which herbs grow at which seasons
   and likes to impart her knowledg to her tour guests.
   From the collected herbs tea, tincture or delicious herbal salt are prepared. (previous registration is necessary)

Wild orchid Arnica Bracken Another beautiful plant

♥ The Milka-Lädele: Do You want to know, how chocolate is made?
   A sweet excursion - not only on rainy days - to Bludenz!

'Milkafest' at Bludenz Children with the 'Milka' cow' 'Milka' train at Bludenz


♥ Climbing gardens
   Grade IV - VI+ at the Lünerseebahn valley station in Brand and
   Grade V - X+ for members of the ÖAV at the entrance of the 'Bürser Ravine' in Bürs.

♥ Via ferrata Saulakop Grade B/C, one part Grade D/E
   The reward for taking pains are sensational views across the Montafon valley and Lünersee as well as to Zimba.

Sign to climbing garden 'Saulakopf'

♥ Zimba

Zimba Zimba - the right peak Zimba on the left side behind our cottage Zimba
Sign to Hermann-Hueter-Hütte

Climbing Park:

♥ The forest-climbing park in Brand ist a real challenge, for beginners and advanced climbers.
   On easy parcours children (older than 8 years and taller than 110 cm) can climb with the help of professionals.

Visit the huskies:

♥ 'Husky Toni' - how Anton Kuttner is called - gives an impression about his live with the huskies - his sledge dogs.
   In his huskycamp on Tschengla You learn much about the loving interaction with the lively animals,
   how he trains them with much patience and mindfulness, to develop enthusiastic teams.
♥ Naturally the dogs are fond of children and are allowed to be caressed.
♥ 'Husky Tony' imparts much knowledge about dog breeds, training possibilities, equipment etc.
    He offers various husky workshops and tours.
    More information can be found on his homepage (look at "Links").

Husky-Toni with his daughter and husky Huskies enclosure The huskies are allowed to be caressed Young huskies love to play
Dogscooter for mushing in summer Dog sled Young Husky Children caress a Husky

Kneipping and swimming:

♥ The kneipping place near our holiday home offers the ideal final after a hiking tour, pleasant cooling and refreshment.
   The cold water therapie - developed by Father Sebastian Kneipp - in combination with herbalism and aerobic exercises
   forces inurement and increases circulation.

Kneipping Arm bath Playing at the kneipping place Kneipping

♥ The natural bathing lake 'Alvierbad' in Brand, which is fed on drinking water, offers bathing fun for the whole family.
   There are an adventure area for children and an adventure playground (jungle gym).
   A beach volleyball court and a table tennis table are further sportive facilities.

Alvierbad Alvierbad Water lily at Alvierbad Alvierbad

♥ The Alpenerlebnisbad VAL BLUE with waterworld in- and outdoor in Bludenz can be reached by car within 15 minutes.

Nordic walking, running, trailrun:

There are several training routes from which to choose, for trying or training nordic walking, running or trailrun.
   You just have to lace up your shoes, open the door and take off!!

Nordic Walking Nordic Walking Trailrunning

♥ In 2014 and 2015 the Brandnertal was venue of the "Alpenchallange Bludenz".
   The running route led - taking off in Bludenz - up to Bürser Berg, passing Alpe Rona, Furklaalpe,
   up to Mondspitze, Schillersattel, down to Vordere Parpfienzalpe, Innere Parpfienzalpe, Brand and Bürs and back to Bludenz.

Nordic Walking Trailrun Bludenz Trailrun Bludenz Trailrun Bludenz
Trail map
4 Pictures courtesy of Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus


♥ On an amazing 3D parcour with 28 stationes near our house experienced and skilled archers can hit the 33 targets,
   which are lovelingly adapted to valley, mountain and ravine.
♥ weekly an arching trial course is offered. Also crossbow shooting is possible. (previous registration is necessary)

Lynx as target Bear as target Squirrel as target


♥ The sundeck in front of the house is equipped with deckchairs and parasols.

♥ A separate terrace offers seating-accommodation for 12 persons and a charcoal grill.

♥ On a further terrace, situatet behind the house near the playground with sandpit,
   You can enjoying the evenig sun.

Sunterrace Terrace with charcoal grill Terrace with evening sun near the playground

Having good time:

♥ Cozy gathering with nice people, and sharing creative time,
   our cottage is the perfect place for recreation and leisure activities,
   apart hustle and bustle, within a marvellous natural landscape.

Time with friends Sharing creative time


♥ Shoppingcenter Zimbapark in Bürs
♥ Shoppingcenter Lünerseepark in Bürs
♥ Historical Center of Bludenz
♥ Historical Center of Feldkirch